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Calling all college student media industry vendors and partners!

We invite you to take part in the 2024 Association of University Student Media Managers (formerly WAUPM) conference from May 20th to 23rd in Minneapolis. As a sponsor, you will unlock unparalleled opportunities to elevate your brand and forge lasting connections within the college student media community.


Why Sponsor the annual AUSMM conference? 

(Note: attendance is not required to sponsor the conference, see below for registration details if you decide to come.) 

    1. Engage with Thought Leaders: Connect with influential decision-makers and key stakeholders from a diverse array of student media organizations. AUSMM gathers 38 (or more) representatives from student media organizations who are at the forefront of shaping the future of communication strategies within college media. You will have unfettered access to the members and guests during the 3-day conference. As a sponsor, you will receive the list of attendees at least two weeks before the conference.

    2. Highlight Your Solutions: Set up meetings with members to demonstrate your products and services to a targeted audience actively seeking innovative solutions. You will benefit from direct interactions to show your services and products that address the unique challenges faced by student media organizations.


    3. Amplify Brand Visibility: Maximize your brand exposure through strategic placement in conference materials and promotions. You will gain recognition among a niche audience that values cutting-edge solutions and industry leadership.  Branding Opportunities for Sponsors:

      1. Logo on background screen at conference during times when the screen is not being actively used. 
      2. Verbal recognition at conference at least once a day.
      3. Ad in the PDF program with active links on your ad to your website. 
      4. Logo and mention on website for a calendar year.
      5. Mention on at least 3 emailed newsletters or other correspondence.
      6. Handouts or swag distribution at your discretion.


    4. Stay Ahead of the Curve: As a full participant at nearly every conference session, you will gain insights into the latest developments and challenges in student media management – and offer your thoughts too.  This will help you keep your organization at the forefront of industry advancements through first hand exposure to emerging trends and innovative strategies. Moreover, your input and experience will benefit the other conference attendees. 

Sponsorship details

Note: attendance at the conference and/or lodging at the conference hotel is not required for sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship Fee: Minimum of $500.  Some of our sponsors are able to contribute more than the minimum. Additional sponsorship money will help cover the cost of a meal (this ranges from $750 to $3,000).  We are also hosting a trivia night, if you are interested in sponsoring all or part of that. The total cost for room rental, food, and trivia staff will be about $3,500. We are also seeking a transportation sponsor for the buses to and from special events ($750).

Conference Attendance

Many of the sponsor benefits involved interaction with conference attendees. Conference attendance is not required to sponsor AUSMM.   The registration is $800 for nonmembers (and every meal for the 2.5 days and events – including what is sure to be an epic dinner at JD Hoyts!) If you do attend, the president of AUSMM and I would work with you on a possibility of a presentation or leading a discussion about a topic that will inform the membership.  We are limited in programming hours, so all sponsors will not have a dedicated session specific to their products or services. Regardless, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to discuss your company. 


To discuss how your company or organization can benefit from this unique sponsorship opportunity, please contact Peter Waack at vicepresident@waupm.org.